It appears that a person with Aspergers Syndrome can be just as smart, despite being awkward, and they often have an unhealthy obsession with one topic or repetitive activity.

Symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome may appear early in life. As a parent or guardian of a child who has it, you might notice that they are unable to make eye contact. Furthermore, your child may seem awkward in social situations and not know what to say or how to respond when someone speaks to them.  

They may miss social cues evident to others, such as body language and facial expressions. It may not occur to them that when someone crosses their arms or scowls, they’re angry.

You may also notice that your child shows little emotion. Sometimes they don’t smile or laugh when they’re happy. Sometimes they speak in a flat, robotic voice.

It is common for children with the disorder to talk a lot about themselves and to focus intensely on a single subject, like rocks or football statistics. Especially on a topic, they’re passionate about, they might repeat themselves a lot. Also, they might keep repeating movements.

They may also be resistant to change. They may, for example, eat the same breakfast every day or have difficulty transferring from one class to the next during the school day.