Fast ForWord Program

Fast ForWord is an online language and reading intervention software that targets learning struggles at their core, providing 1-2 years of gains in 40-60 hours of use. On Fast ForWord students complete a variety of MAPS exercises that look like reading or pre-reading games. Fast ForWord is utilized as an auditory integration component in all of Mind Discovery’s academic remediation programs, virtual and in-center. 

After a few weeks, 96% of parents report their child is reading better, understanding more, is more focused, completing homework more easily, or has improved in several of these areas simultaneously. 

Most children will struggle at some point with the Fast ForWord program, so it is essential to have a reading specialist monitor progress. We will be able to determine appropriate interventions and provide support for overcoming any hurdles.

We communicate progress weekly and keep you and your child motivated to get quick, amazing results. We are here to mentor your child and will share in their language and reading struggles and celebrate their successes with you!

Most parents tell us that their child is extremely bright, but something seems to be holding them back. They’re looking for some way to unlock their child’s true learning potential in the classroom setting. Does this sound like you?

Schedule a Fast ForWord Consolation call to see how it can change your learner’s experience with reading and school. 

FFW is helpful for elementary school children, starting at age 5, all the way through high school and college-age students with:

  • reading difficulties
  • auditory processing disorder (APD)
  • speech or language impairment
  • mild to moderate autism
  • dyslexia
  • a learning disability, or
  • children who are struggling at school yet do not receive extra help

Reading Assistant Plus

Reading Assistant Plus is designed to improve vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Oral reading is critical and Reading Assistant Plus is an Innovative online guided reading tool that provides intensive reading practices.  Learners use this invaluable tool to read independent texts both silently and aloud, therefore, increasing reading proficiency.  Oral reading is critical and Reading Assistant Plus™️ is an innovative online guided reading tool that provides intensive reading practice.