They were not in the middle of team cars and brought off during the an excellent gunfight, as they had possibly dreamed

If the Police Fundamentally Caught up on it from the predawn times, Bobbi Jo and you can Jennifer don’t work at otherwise create a fight. Information regarding household members provided law enforcement in order to Blythe, where officials place the girls lower than stop without experience and you can hauled him or her right down to the Riverside, Ca, jail. Around, it sat inside the a little cell together with her. “I’m going to spend the remainder of my life in prison,” said Bobbi Jo, crouched on to the floor along with her back contrary to the wall structure.

However, Jennifer got another suggestion. Nobody extremely realized what got happened when you look at the Bob’s bed room. She regarded as Bobbi Jo’s boy, that would be left rather than a mother or father. “I will use the fault to you,” she told you. “Regardless of the.”

Had the jury viewed Bobbi Jo Smith, elizabeth impulse because the authorities inside Ca

It spent the following season seated into the independent muscle to the contrary stops of your brief jail from inside the Palo Pinto, near Nutrient Wells. Although they weren’t allowed to visit together, it soon located a means to share. Throughout the day they yelled from the pubs, holding conversations from a single stop of wing to another. At night, it found that they may correspond through the sky ducts you to linked their a couple tissue. As other prisoners attempted to bed, the two do cozy doing the fresh ducts and always sharpen the approach. Bobbi Jo up-to-date Jennifer on her behalf son. Jennifer confident this lady she’d simply take full obligations.

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“Don’t be concerned, honey,” Jennifer said during the one-point. “Bob try fixin’ to acquire damaged. blk sign in We’re not going to get stuck. They give thanks to united states. ”

Towards the Palo Pinto County jury one to developed to have Jennifer’s sentencing hearing for the April, it must was indeed difficult to that is amazing the new nice-appearing woman just before them was pleading guilty to help you including good heinous offense. Jennifer used a black top adorned with yellow rosebuds, and you will she would functioning toilet paper out of this lady cell so you can spin strict curls with the the woman long brown locks. She mocked this new bailiff, a long time family members pal, friction their bald head and you will kidding which have him, and she hugged this lady dad, gently take a piece of fuzz of his ear canal when he attempted to give the girl that which you would be all proper. Predicated on Jennifer, they’d told you, “We realize your did not do it. You to inked girl achieved it. Right dare make the hiphop on her.”

Once she took the fresh new stand, she had currently altered her facts immediately following. Inside her very first membership, Jennifer had informed the authorities you to definitely Bob was pushing themselves on the the lady when Bobbi Jo went in the and wrestled him to your sleep, providing Jennifer sufficient time and energy to capture Bob. In her own next declaration, given five weeks later on, she’d said that Bobbi Jo had kept into the Bob’s vehicle so you’re able to generate a grocery manage and you can gone back to discover Jennifer had attempt your. On witness sit, she informed another type of adaptation. She was in the sack which have Bob, she told you, the woman sound trembling a tiny as prosecutor drew the storyline from the woman. She would decide to try him double however, didn’t destroy him. Upcoming Bobbi Jo had moved during the and you will told Jennifer you to definitely she must end up him off.

A short while afterwards, Jennifer was awake at night looking forward to their transfer to the brand new county penitentiary inside the Gatesville. Bobbi Jo, who was simply nevertheless looking forward to trial, yelled so you can Jennifer from heavens ducts one final time. “I am escaping,” she said. “You can’t show up personally not. You’re going to be locked up. I have discovered somebody new.”